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  • L-3 AVIATION PRODUCTS - If you are considering an ADS-B solution with Diversity and Active Traffic, consider the L-3 NGT-9000D+. Email or Call for Pricing - Learn More

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The L-3 Lynx is a single-unit Mode S Extended Squitter transponder with traffic, WAAS/GPS, datalink weather, and a color touchscreen display.

The Lynx NGT-9000 is a simple, certified, one-box replacement for your old transponder that delivers ADS-B compliance and a whole lot more, all for less than you might expect - Learn More.


Aspen Avionics Offers:

  • For the month of February 2017, Aspen is offering three promotions
  • List savings over USD $11,000 off EFD2500 Systems -  comes with FREE Synthetic Vision, and FREE ADS-B unlock on all units.  Includes Pro 1000 PFD, MFD1000 with external battery and MFD50.
  • List savings of USD $3,700 on Aspen's Pro 1000 PFD - includes FREE Synthetic Vision and FREE ADS-B unlock
  • List savings of over $5,400 for current Aspen PFD Pro Customers - Buy one MFD1000 with external battery and get the MFD500 for FREE - Customers can upgrade to a full EFD2500 System for just USD $9,995 - Email or Call for Pricing.
  • Aspen Instructional Videos are now available on line - Learn More


Bendix/King Rebate Offers:

  • Bendix/King and Aspen team up to introduce the Apex Edge KSN 770 Integrated Safety Navigator Touchscreen Display - Learn More
  • Bendix/King introduces the KT 74 ADS-B Compliant Transponder that is a plug and play replacement for the older KT 76A/C and KT 78A Transponders - Learn More
  • Upgrade your avionics and save with Trade-Up & Save rebates from Bendix/King - Learn More


Genesys Aerosystems (S-Tec, Chelton) Offers:

  • S-TEC SYSTEM 55X: System 55X options include (a) Automatic Electric Trim System providing automatic elevator trim follow-up when the pitch axis of the autopilot is engaged (b) Altitude Selector / Alerter System ST-360 LCD providing preselected altitude capture, digital vertical speed input, and aural and visual alerting at selected altitudes - Learn More about the 55X

Garmin Rebate Offers - Learn More

  • Effective September 30, 2010 Garmin will discontinue repair support for the GNS 430 & GNS 530 (28V) GPS NAV/COM. Protect your investment - Contact Barry to upgrade to WAAS - Learn More