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Avionics Specialists

Kitchener Aero provides a wide variety of aircraft avionics services, specializing in single and multi-engine aircraft from general aviation to smaller corporate operators. Our extensive knowledge base in avionics sales, maintenance, repairs, installation, and manufacturing, make us uniquely qualified to provide fully customizable end to end service.

EC120B G500H STC (Click image to enlarge)

New! December 2012 - Kitchener Aero develops Transport Canada STC for installation of a Garmin G500H with HSVT (Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology) in a Eurocopter EC120B. Read More...

Updated! February 2014 - Kitchener Aero has received FAA Approval STC # SR03364NY.

EASA STC is pending.

Additional options include: Bendix/King KRA 405B Radar Altimeter and Avidyne TAS 605 Collision Avoidance.

STC data packages and kits will be available for purchase. Please contact Barry Aylward for pricing.

We are committed to providing comprehensive service and support to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your aircraft. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining focus on each customer's unique requirements to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Super-Cheyenne Cockpit Mod
Marinvent Corporation

ENG Mod on Helicopter
CTV Toronto, CTV BC
From sales to maintenance, our team of highly-trained professionals will provide you with a superior level of service.
  • We Pay Attention to Your Specific Goals
  • Offer Expert Consultation
  • Provide Excellent Turnaround Times
  • Strive for Technical Excellence
  • Maintain High Standards
  • Create Solutions Designed for You
  • Deliver Competitive Bidding
  • NO LANDING FEES - Covered on Maintenance, Repairs, & Installations

Approvals & Certifications

Transport Canada AMO 1-77

  • Avionics - Autoflight and Radio Systems
  • Component - Electrical Systems
  • Instrument - Miscellaneous Instrument, Display and Pitot-Static Systems